About NRPS

NRPS is a 501(c)(3) voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who have joined together to enhance the commercial, financial, industrial, civic and aesthetic interests of the Newport community. The purpose of NRPS is to preserve the heritage and history of Newport and its environs, enhance our town's future and community spirit and to fulfill and carry out the intents and purposes of the will of Katherine L. Beard. The will states that the Louise Beard Memorial is to be used as a community center, meeting place, and a home for collections of articles of historical importance.

Our organization began as two separate organizations. Newport Revitalizations Inc. (NRI) was registered as a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. NRI was incorporated in 1992. In June 2002, NRI merged with the Louise Beard Memorial and the new organization became NRPS. This union provided many advantages and resources to both organizations.

A voluntary Board of Directors, elected by the membership at the annual meeting, runs NRPS. The Board meets on the fourth Monday of every month at the Louise Beard Memorial. All members are welcome!